Dr. Richard Wyser

More than 45 years of experience in helping people change their lives.

Board Certified Coach with CCE and Life Catalyst.

Has developed curriculum for his denomination as well as degree programs for nonprofits in universities.

Has developed the Life Catalyst Seminary which offers both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in theology.

Has developed a certification for life coaches and a Masters Degree program for life coaches based on the life catalyst model.

Majored in history and theology and holds a Doctorate.

Is the author of many books including “Be A Man” and “The Divine Cresendo.”

Dr. Wyser has taught numerous seminars and training sessions and has mentored thousands of people.



 Wanda Wyser

Has worked with and supported Dr. Wyser in all of the activities and accomplishments listed over the more than forty-five years.

She is a Board Certified Life Coach with a specialty in nutrition.

She is the Secretary of Life Catalyst Inc.

She teaches sessions in our marriage seminars.

She teaches a session in Life Catalyst Seminary.

She manages all the business affairs, and logistics of Life Catalyst Inc.

She is well known for her people skills and has impacted many lives.


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