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For exciting news about employment and education opportunities please go the the "Whats Happening" page!

Pleaes watch our tutorial on You Tube for a "how to" for the entire Life Catalyst Institute Masters Program.

We also have two YouTube channels:

  1. LifeCoaching/Mentoring@Life Catalyst Institute
  2. Life Catalyst Seminary & Resources

 Here are ways that this program is being used right now:

Special Classes

Employment as a coach or mentor

Coaching Practice




Jail, Prison, Probation, Child Protection


Our franchising has changed just a bit. It is now a one time fee of $300 and a yearly payment of $25 to take care of certificates and diplomas and use of the name.

The Entire Program is now on read only or either video or audio power points.

The entire program can be completed in 10-12 weeks if you are committed.


Let me give an overview of what is happening with a few of our graduates:

We have heard from numerous of our graduates that are starting with their coaching/mentoring practices and are starting with any where from 6 to 10 clients. Many are branching out into working with the judicial and penal systems to help in addiction domestic violence etc. There have been many who are mentoing parents and married couples etc.We are grateeful for every report. They are able to do this because of this unique model for mentoring and coaching. 

One of our graduates reports that they have two different couples they are marriage coaching/mentoring and are starting group sessions with several clients. Group sessions are a unique feature of Life Catalyst.

Stephen DeLuca just graduated and he said about the program, "My life has been impacted. I look at people and their needs differently. I have a different feeling towards society and that feeling is priceless."

One of our graduates has also franchised with us and now has his own training center using the Life Catalyst Model of Life Coaching.

He also has a practice and set a goal of having 20 clients this year and by April he already had 10. He said that his success would never have been possible if it had not been for Life Catalyst Institute.

We have several successful programs working with the community and the judicial system. They have been helping people with drug addiction and anger management and have also started classes in Parenting.

We have several that have been using our material on Domestic Violence and have started centers featuring this material.

We had a recent graduate that is going to work as a mentor using this training.

Another graduate is using the certification and diploma to bolster her portfolio. She said that the program has completely revolutionized her life and has increased her desire to make a difference..

We just had another lady who is involved in social work, She was surfing the web and saw our franchising component and is going to franchise with us using this model. 

  We have several locations where there are groups taking the program at the same time. The goal is to have centers where the needs of individuals can be addressed. They want to make a difference.

Darla Staten, one of our recent graduates had this to say as she was going through the program:


"In going through this course I learned quite a bit of information that I intend to employ very rapidly in my folio. the power of the play on words, how deliciously magnificent!'


" I have to say, wow...and much more. I am totally overwhelmed right now with excitement and expectation. This course touched a nerve in me that is screaming, 'I knew it! I knew it!' Dr. Wyser totally put 'voice' to my theory from days past in belief. There has to be a 'key' to unlock one's potential and this is it."


"This is by far the most enlightening and satisfying course yet. I am just amazed that what was in my mind all of these years has finally been addressed in this course and it was all put together in wonderful sequence and labeled so that it would make perfect sense. I can hardly wait to teach this in Life Coaching sessions. I am seriously excited about this."

Power of Desire and Attitude

"In every person's ife there comes an awakening. I think I have found a new awakening in this study."

There are many more.....

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